Stefano Gelli, from Livorno (Italy), starts approaching photography in 1986. He initially participates in photo contests, but his aim is to photograph high-level sports. Aim he achieves in 1997 when, with the help of the publication "A year of Rugby", he starts a close collaboration with the Milanese agency Omega Fotocronache. At that time his photos are published on the major national magazines. From 1996 to 1999 he works for the triathlon magazine "Triathlete" and in the year 2000 some of his photos are published on a national diffusion calendar.
In recent years he specialized in spherical panoramic photography and by  this technique he documented some moments of the Concordia shipwreck for the German magazine "Der Spiegel". Thanks to the experience gained over the years, he is nowadays studying landscapes photography.

A short but intense journey that will lead you to discover two areas so dear to me. The varied Livorno coast and the splendid Val d'Orcia. Get ready to photograph wonderful countries but also to experience the emotions that these territories steeped in history and mysticism will give you.

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